High Fashion. 20th Century by

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A history of haute couture in the 20th century decade by decade Turning the pages of this lively book is like rummaging with a fancy dress box overflowing with clothes from...

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Wenner Jann S. 90s: Inside Stories from That Rocked

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Alt rock, grunge, gangsta rap, pop - the 90s were one of the most dynamic and diverse decades in music history. Here, the editors of Rolling Stone take us through the last decade of the 20th century.

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Muller Jurgen Movies of the 2000s. Кинофильмы 2000-х гг.

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Our groundbreaking movies by decade series continues with this new volume dedicated to the most interesting and important films made in the decade since the turn of the millennium. This jam-packed volume, covering a crucial decade characterized by globalization and digitization, covers an inspiringly broad range of titles including Avatar, the Bourne trilogy, Moulin Rouge, Babel, Bowling for Columbine, Borat, Y tu mama tambien, City of God, Mulholland Drive, Dogville, Talk to Her, and No Country for Old Men.

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Film Posters of the 60s: Essential Movies of the

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cinema of the 60s reflected the mood of a decade when everything - art, fashion, politics, philosophy -seemed to be in flux, and the film posters of the period provide a kaleidoscope of images that capture the very essence of a turbulent decade. From french "new wave" to british "kitchen sink", from Sergio Leone to Andy Warhol, from Bond to Barbarella, the cinematic ethos and icons of the 60s are all represented here as they were first perceived by audiences in London and Los Angeles, Tokyo, Turin, Berlin and Bangkok. Книга на английском языке.

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Film Posters of the 40s: Essential Movies of the

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Lights down, curtain up on the cinema of the 1940s, a decade that produced some of the most critically acclaimed movies of all time. se range from the iconic "Casablanca", starring a cynical, world-weary Humphrey Bogart and a never-more-beautiful Ingrid Bergman, to Orson Welles' seminal "Citizen Kane", and from the optimistic "It's a Wonderful Life" to the enigmatic " Third Man", recently voted best British film of all time by the critics. This was the decade when Hollywood introduced cinema audiences to one of the greatest of all genres the film noir, still epitomised by movies like "Double Indemnity". "Out of the Past", "Gilda" and " Maltese Falcon" - a darkly sinister world of gumshoes, double-crossing dames, bent cops and blind alleys. world may have been at war for the first half of the decade and Europe in ruins for the second, but this was, in many ways, a golden age of cinema. Moreover, as this book shows, the passage of time has not diminished the impact of the 40s poster art that had contemporary audiences queuing to see the latest releases starring movie immortals like Robert Mitchum and Rita Hayworth. Книга на английском языке.

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Ashton John Gossip in the First of Victoria's Reign

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Stereophonics Stereophonics - In Sun: Best Of (2 LP)

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Wayne Rooney Wayne Rooney: My in the Premier League

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История Егэ Задания Повышенной Сложности

urBeats3 Earphones with 3.5mm Plug - Beats Collection - Defiant Black-Red

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Garner Philippe Sixties design

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Sixties Design provides a richly illustrated survey of a remarkable decade. text reviews the period through certain all-important themes-the Modernist continuum, pop culture, space age styles, utopian ambitions and 'anti-design', identifying the impact of new thinking on every area of design. Embracing a wide variety of media, and making connections between domestic and industrial design, graphics, film, fashion, architecture and city planning, the illustrations highlight the best design examples of the decade. Литература на английском, немецком и французском языках.

Практический Курс Китайского Языка Кондрашевский 11 Издание

Hiroo Fukuda Plant Cell Wall Patterning and Cell Shape

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Cell walls are defining feature of plant life. unique and multi-faceted role they play in plant growth and development has long been of interest to students and researchers. Plant Cell Wall Patterning and Cell Shape looks at the diverse function of cell walls in plant development, intercellular communication, and defining cell shape. Plant Cell Wall Patterning and Cell Shape is divided into three sections. first section looks at role cell walls play in defining cell shape. second section looks more broadly at plant development. While the third and final section looks at new insights into cell wall patterning.

McNamee Terence

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presents 500 engaging photographic images, both iconic and idiosyncratic, selected by acclaimed photo editor Eamonn McCabe and arranged in strict chronological order to tell the story of the first decade in our new millennium. shorter historical span of this book, compared to CENTURY, allows this sequence to embrace developments in art, architecture, sport and technology alongside key moments in international political affairs, so that the reader encounters surprising moments from our history alongside those familiar from coverage in the mass media. Global in scope, these photographs tackle subjects ranging from the World Trade Center attacks of 9/11 to the AIDS epidemic blighting Africa, from the first tests of the Hadron collider at CERN, Geneva, to the death of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Award-winning documentary photography sits alongside the new "citizen journalism", which has seen ordinary bystanders capture historic events equipped with nothing more sophisticated than a mobile phone camera. Each image is accompanied by both a short descriptive and an extended, historical caption, to provide a wider context within which to understand these often beautiful, always surprising, photographs.15 historical and thematic essays are also included, exploring the events, trends and social phenomena that have characterized the decade.